Soothe, Relieve, Repair, Remove,
Rejuvenate, Restore and



Effectiveness is a Vital Element in Healthcare, and The First Step Towards Health is to Maintain Smooth Blood Circulation.

There's an old saying which goes by "the foot aged before a man". In order to get old slowly and healthily, crystalline waste must be removed from the foot sole, and wearing Ultimate-Energy socks is the most effective, safe and painless way. It must be worn at night when sleeping if you are unable to wear it during the day. The foot sole helps you to practice qigong every night, while removing excess toxic waste.



Reflexology also helps correct microcirculation dysfunction but it is
painful, inconvenient, expensive and temporary.


Using Vken Ultimate Energy products is
natural, convenient, affordable and long-lasting.


Wearing a Vken product
more than a reflexology for...


High blood pressure/High cholesterol,    Diabetes,    Shoulder ache,    Backache/Nerve


Hip arthritis,     Knee pain/Weak knee,     Slipped disc,     Varicose veins


Deep vein thrombosis (DVT),     Stroke,     Gout / Spurs,     Migraine / Stress


Insomnia/Difficult to sleep,  Tiredness/Fatigue,   Smoking/Toxic


Toxic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/Wrist pain,  Asthma



What Is Vken Ultimate Energy Products?


Human body needs energy, and increase of vital energy in human body depends on the speed of blood circulation. Ultimate-Energy products series use various types of material such as fine ceramics, colorful tourmaline, germanium, titanium, silver, white charcoal etc which are nanonized first before integrated evenly among fibres. By doing so, the fibres can release far infrared, negative ions and other elements beneficial to the human body to achieve long terms healthcare effect. At the same time, it complements with the best tailoring and dyeing techniques to produce a comfortable and moisture transferring and quick drying of high quality technology product.


Vken Ultimate Energy products help soothe, relieve, repair, remove, rejuvenate, restore and detox by improving the micro circulation of blood in our body. These bring more oxygen and nutrients to damaged or 'starved' tissue of unhealthy cells. Healing and restoration are made possible effectively and naturally through the far infrared rays(FIR) and the negative ions found in the Vken products.

Ultimate-Energy products series are trendy functional textile products, with patented materials, yam and knitting; its main purpose is to provide users with a fresh experience of 'healthy, comfort, safety and technology'.


Unhealthy live blood condition of elderly or sick person BEFORE using Vken product. Red blood cells are clustered with food and cholesterol deposits in between.

blood cells-unhealthy

Improved live blood condition AFTER 10 minutes of use of Vken Ultimate Energy product. Red blood cells are separated, energised to transport more oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and tissues of our body. Food residue and cholesterol are removed or dissolved.

blood cells-healthy

Watch how our blood can be improved
by the Vken products in just 10 minutes.

Microcirculation dysfunction or disruption may lead to various
serious diseases or illnesses which the
Vken Ultimate Energy products can

restore and



Far Infrared Ray (FIR) + Negative Ion + Nano Silver + Nano Germanium + White Nano Charcoal + Moisture Transferring and Quick Drying Textiles.


Far Infrared Ray (F.I.R.)

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) is part of the invisible part of the sunlight.
When FIR touches our skin, it will penetrate into the blood system and improve the microcirculation of blood bringing healing and relief to the cells and tissues.

The Effects of Negative Ions

It relieves the muscle pain caused by stress and pressure.
It attempts to change the acid body type to low alkali body type.
It looses the tension of our emotion, improve the quality of our sleep.
It reduces our body ion disequilbrium.
It also filters the air, making the air much more healthy.

Advantage of Ultimate-Energy Nano-Silver:

Nano Silver Compound Functional Powder : Silver Kills Germs, and Negative Ion Resist Germs.

Ultimate Energy produces the nano silver compound powder with nano-technology. This resolves the problems we normally faced when using silver as a mean of treatment. The nano silver has an increased rate of surface contact. Not only it is more efficient in anti-germ, the cost of silver usage is also reduced greatly.

Ultimate Energy nano silver conquered this obstacle by making it a compound powder. It can create negative ion by the source of light or air flow, while having the effect of deodorant and anti-germ. Therefore, also extend the time of effectiveness of nano silver.

It will not kill normal molecules, and will left those good cells intact after leaving a human body. Therefore, Nano Silver is naturally safe to all living bodies.


Ultimate-Energy products use advanced technology of refinement and its speciality in textile production to embed germanium into fiber. Hence to manufacture fibers that is healthy to human bodies.

By taking advantages of germanium's active and antioxidant characteristics, this special fiber can improve metabolic process, and reduce the tiredness for those who have large workload on daily basis.


Ultimate-Energy products use the White Nano Charcoal materials. It is a combination of multiple high-tech material. It has not only the best grade in bamboo charcoal, it contains other specialized material to form this specialized fiber. Nano-Charcoal fiber, this kind of fiber itself has a whiter characteristic, and a three dimensional open cells for better deodorant effect. It is much better for other clothing that requires other light colors.




  • Nano-Mineral Far Infrared Ray

  • Nano-Tourmaline Negative Ions

  • Nano-Titanium Negative Ions

  • Nano-Silver Negative Ions

  • Nano-Germanium Negative Ions

All products series are certified through moisture transferring and quick drying test.
Usage of energy materials up to 85% to 90%.
Possess Taiwan Antifungal Textiles certification, reduces allergic towards tropical climate.
Effective and safe high-energy materials, emission rate is certified by the Atomic Energy Committee to be 90% and above, able to improve body circulation.
Pre-production method, retains energy even with torn after washing.
Convenient washing with washing machine, hassle free.
A completely natural production way, without additional dyeing.

Regular Products In The Market


  • Contains only bamboo charcoal or a single energy material (negative ions or far infrared)

  • Pure silver ions are anti-bacterial but do not have energy function.

  • Negative ions only use basic black tourmaline, unable to function well.

No moisture transferring and quick drying function, not suitable to be used in humid and stuffy weather.
Low energy materials content, normally only 10% to 50%.
Unable to improve anti-allergic symptoms of human body.
Emission rate is less than 80%, no difference after wearing.
Many are post-maintenance, which means it is soaked with energy solution, requires additional purchase of solution, energy will decrease with every washing.
Need to be soaked in special detergent, cumbersome and requires constant purchase of detergent.
Dyed into various colors, increases the burden of skin.


Five Functions in One Nano-Mineral Far Infrared Ray + Tourmaline Negative Ions + Germanium + Nano-Silver + Moisture Absorbing and Quick Dry.
Patented 3D Knitting - Patent Number : M262505
Patented 3D Kniting of Socks and Body Protector is only weaving being awarded by Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart Bronze Award in Year 2005 & 2010.
Certified by Taiwan Textile Federation.
5 in 1 ULTIMATE-ENERGY Socks is the only one that is certified on antibacterial and anti-mildew by International Organization in Taiwan.
Absorb odor and reduce moisture.
Prevent bacteria growth.
Activate cell, improve blood circulation, enhance metabolism and reinforce leg strength.
Strengthen and regulate body function, enhance immunity, dispel the fatigue, relieve soreness.
Having foot massage will help to relax our body organs. Wearing 5 in 1 ULTIMATE  ENERGY Socks is like having foot massage and it will relax body in certain level.
Patented weave provides soft and comfortable conditions for your feet.
The permanence of function.




Prestigious Recognition Awards



Vken products, for a better health.
Through Far Infrared Rays(FIR)
and negative ions.

Proven effective. Affordable.
Natural, Drug-free, No Side Effects, Non-intrusive.
compared to
Chemicals, Drugs, Adverse side effects, Surgery

Healthy, Comfort, Safety and Technology




Watch how a semi-paralysed patient
benefit from the Vken product.


Watch how a 'tongkat' dependant patient gained strength instantly
and walk on his own after putting on the Vken socks and knee pad.





Vken Socks

Price: RM201.40

RM190 + RM11.40 (GST 6%)











Vken products, healing for the sick,
prevention and maintenance for the healthy.



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