What Is Vken Ultimate Energy Products?

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PREVENTION is better than CURE…

“…extensive research by NASA in the early 1980’s led to the conclusion that infrared stimulation of cardiovascular function would be the ideal way to maintain cardiovascular conditioning in American astronauts during long space flights.”

One of the many health benefits of far infrared rays(FIR). You too can benefit from the good effects of FIR on your health whether for restoration to better health or to maintain a good health.

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Vken Ultimate Energy products help soothe, relieve, repair, remove, rejuvenate, restore and detox by improving the micro circulation of blood in our body. These bring more oxygen and nutrients to damaged or ‘starved’ tissue of unhealthy cells. Healing and restoration are made possible effectively and naturally through the far infrared rays(FIR) and the negative ions found in the Vken products.

Vken products, for a better health.
Through Far Infrared Rays(FIR) and negative ions.

Proven effective. Affordable.
Natural, Drug-free, No Side Effects, Non-intrusive.
compared to Chemicals, Drugs, Adverse side effects, Surgery.


Unhealthy live blood condition of elderly or sick person BEFORE using Vken product. Red blood cells are clustered with food and cholesterol deposits in between.

blood cells-unhealthy

Improved live blood condition AFTER 10 minutes of use of Vken Ultimate Energy product. Red blood cells are separated, energised to transport more oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and tissues of our body. Food residue and cholesterol are removed or dissolved.

blood cells-healthy


Watch how our blood can be improved
by the Vken products in just 10 minutes.


Microcirculation dysfunction or disruption may lead to various
serious diseases or illnesses which the Vken Ultimate Energy products can…
soothe, relieve, repair, remove,
rejuvenate, restore and


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Vken Ultimate Energy products contain :

  1. far infrared rays(FIR)
  2. nano Tourmaline negative ions
  3. nano Titanium negative ions
  4. nano Germanium negative ions and
  5. nano Silver negative ions

Vken Ultimate Energy products are knitted with modern and up-to-date technology in a 3-dimension high definition technique which clinched two awards in 2005 and 2010 at international shows in Taipei, Taiwan.

The unique and highly functional 3-Dimension knitting makes them very comfortable and yet functional in improving micro circulation and in restoring health. The high definition 3-Dimension knitting technique has since been patented. Materials of the Vken products are 85% polyester and 15% lycra.





Testimonies 1-3


Tesimonies 4-6


Vken products, healing for the sick,
prevention and maintenance for the healthy.


Vken Ultimate Energy Series :

  1. Vken Socks
  2. Knee Pad
  3. Wristlet
  4. V-Private
  5. V-Pilot (boxer)
  6. Ultimate Energy Vest 
  7. V-Multiple
  8. Cap


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